Kuni Hanako

An Isawa trained Kuni.


Age: 19

Hanako stands at a modest 5’2", with a slight build due to illness as a child. What she lacks in height she makes up for in quiet confidence, with her head always held high and her back straight, just as her Sensei taught her. Her inky black hair is always pulled up in a proper maidens knot when she’s in public, but when she is in private, she tends to let it just fall over her shoulders and down to her hips. However, her hair is almost never in her eyes, which are a golden brown. Hanako’s kimono’s are a steely grey blue, denoting her Crab clan status, even if she trained as an Isawa, and tend toward well fitting. A tanto is always tucked into her saya next to her scroll satchel, should the need for her to protect herself arise.

Hanako is at heart, very much a bookworm. During her training, if she wasn’t discussing Theology or swapping clan stories and lore with Shouta, then she could often be found with her nose (quite literally) buried in a book or scroll, all on various topics. She is also quiet, but not because she’s timid, merely because she likes to observe the world around her and learn what she can from that. She dislikes rudeness, but knows that many of her clan do not see a need for niceties, but draws the line at downright bullying. For that, she will speak her mind.

She often rises with the sun to meditate for one hour in her room, then dresses and goes to breakfast. After that, she attends to her daily duties. After she has finished for the day and had dinner, she goes back to her room… And buries herself in whatever story has her attention at that moment. She hopes someday to write her own stories, and keeps a journal of things occurring in Rokugan, just in case.


Brief History
Coming soon!

Kuni Minato – Father, age 50, Living, Bushi
Kuni (nee Isawa) Hanae – Mother, age 51, Living, Shugenja
Kuni Ryota – Oldest Brother, age 29, Living, Bushi
Kuni Taro – Second Brother, age 27, Living, Bushi
Kuni Hachiro – Third Brother, age 25, Living, Bushi
Kuni Akio – Fourth Brother, age 24, Living, Courtier
Kuni Daichi – Fifth Brother, age 23, Living, Bushi
Kuni Naoki – Sixth Brother, age 21, Living, Bushi
Kuni Hanako – Only Sister, 19, Living, Shugenja

Isawa Yuina – age 46, Living, Shugenja

Isawa Shun – age 20, Living, Courtier

Isawa Shouta – age 20, Living, Shugenja
Isawa Takara – age 49, Living, Bushi

Mission Companions/Friends
Kuni Hotaru
Hida Akiime
Matsu Izumi
Hiruma Ren

Kuni Hanako

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