This campaign will be going on at the same point in time as Mandy's Spirit of Jade campaign. A new fortune had ascended to the heavens from a humble Hida birth only seven years ago, as such many clans now look to find new alliances with the Crab clan. This has lead to many young samurai being hostaged to the clan.

Only months after the Fortune ascended, stories and rumors began circulating around survivals of different expeditions into the Shadowlands about mysterious people, who appear to be almost Rokugani, but do not seem to be tainted by the Shadowlands themselves. As the years have gone on, these sightings have been found more and more until the point that the Crab clan champion, Hida Yakamo, has began to assemble a group of young Crab (and possibly some hostages) to further investigate the possibility of a lost clan.

Character Creation


The Lost Clan

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