This is the personal eta assigned to assist Hotaru in her research.


Age: 51
Name Means: great help

Daisuki is a weathered old man. His long grey and white hair pulled into a knot, though some strays blend well into his pointed beard. There is a softness in his blue eyes, though the color has faded over the years. At one point in his youth, he would have been considered tall. However the years of labor have bent his back, and he does not travel without his walking stick (although don’t believe that means he can’t keep up!).

Daisuki would be considered a proper eta; he is only really seen when called upon. However, he is heard quite often. Daisuki has a tendency to mumble to himself, or whoever is present in status who pays him any mind. He does not do this for attention, but because the signs of his addled mind have manifested. On ocassion he will attempt to befriend small creatures (untainted) and train them or care for them before sending them on their way.

Rarely, he mistakes Hotaru for her late sensei, Kuni Miyah. Though they did not look relatively alike, he recognizes his position to aid his charge, and calls out to Miyah when he has gathered the materials instead of Hotaru.


Not much is clear of the history of Daisuki. As an eta, his name and family were not recorded in some collection of history or legacy.

What is known is that he was raised by part of an eta village outside a small village inside the Crab lands. At some point, a man with some relative station came to the village and “acquired” an eta to assist his daughter with her research into the Shadowlands creatures. This is where Daisuki met the woman he loved, and forever cared for from a distance, Kuni Miyan..though at the time they were barely teenagers.

Since then, he has been the additional set of hands or eyes required while his lady labored over tests, examinations and experiments on the Tainted form. He did his duty diligently for her, though he does not understand what her research concluded, even after 2 decades of work.

He was present, out of the way as his station demanded, when he watched his lady fall to an ogre, what part of her face surviving leaving her almost unrecognizable. He watched as her prized (albeit only) pupils attempted to survive the onslaught of creatures within the Shadowlands. And he watched as he, the younger of the twins, and one of the guards survive the night.

When Kuni Hotaru was assigned to a new sensei, Toritaka Seina, she specifically requested to keep her sensei’s old eta, as he knew her teacher’s style best and would be the most aid in continuing her work. He has been following the samurai ever since in hopes to, in some way, still assist his lady through her student.

These, however, are the fragments he holds on to as he follows into the Shadowlands. He does not remember how long he lost his lady, or sometimes that she is lost at all, but he still aids in what he can.

Kuni Miyan *temple (deceased; age: 41)
Kuni Hotaru *fireflies (Age: 19)


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