Hida Taichi

Hida Pragmatist, close friend of Matsu Izumi and betrothed to Kuni Hotaru.


Age: 19

Hida Taichi looks every bit the stereotype for a Crab. Even though he is just four years out of his gempukku, his time on the wall has caused him to look quite a bit older. His muscle-bound frame stands at just over six foot seven. He keeps his hair short with a white headband tied around his forehead with the Hida family mon placed right in the center. He has often been mocked by his peers for his hatred of wearing a shirts and proper kimonos, preferring instead just to wear pants and sometimes shoes. He has even been teased that he would not wear his heavy armor on the wall if he were not required to do so, and would fight even oni bare chested. He keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed, but just long enough to help him continue to look older than he actually is. His eyes are almost a brick red color.

Taichi is a very lighthearted young man, who is quick to smile and laugh. He believes in enjoying every aspect of life, while you are still alive. There are some rumors that he secretly likes to paint and practice his calligraphy.

He attended the Hida Pragmatist school and hopes to someday be able to attend the Defender on the Wall school. He does often joke about wanting to be a sumo wrestler at some point, because he would love to wear their little diaper thing in public. On the back of his left shoulder blade, Taichi has an unusual birthmark in the shape of a skull that is approximately the size of his palm.


Hida Taichi is the product of several generations of Crab breeding. His mother, Hida Suzu, had been the top of her class before spending several years stationed on the wall, it was on the wall that she met his father, Hida Takuya. The two were married several years, he is their only child.

Hida Taichi was born just outside of the wall, as his mother did not actually realize that she was pregnant until it was too late. Due to the injuries that she had already sustained before his birth, she was unable to ever have any other children.

Taichi spent his couple of years in the care of a Kuni witch hunter to be able to make sure that he was not corrupted by Shadowlands Taint. Hida Suzu was willing to give up her career on the wall to be able to spend more time with him, so he was doted on from the day he arrived at home.

Taichi’s first experience making a friend came when he was eight years old and his parents were selected to be the host family for Matsu Izumi. He helped the small girl to overcome her apparent shyness to have her true personality show through. The two have had a complicated relationship in the decade since their meeting, going anywhere from best friends, to almost siblings, with some periods of being lovers.

Taichi graduated at the top of his class at the Hida Pragmatist School, even after getting into some trouble for smuggling Izumi over the wall with the rest of their class.

He is currently assigned to a rotation on the wall, but still writes to his friend often.


Mother- Hida Suzu
Father- Hida Takuya
Half-Sister- Kaiu Mihu, age 40
Half-Sister- Hiruma Noa, age 39
Half-Brother- Hida Kato, age 38
Adopted Sister- Hida Haru

Friend/Foster Sister/Lover- Matsu Izumi

Betrothed-Kuni Hotaru

Hida Taichi

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