Hiruma Iekiyo

Hiruma Scout and one of the personal messengers for Hida Yakamo


HIruma Iekiyo is only in his mid-30s, but thanks to his early gempukku and life experience, he could easily pass for being close to 50. His graying hair is usually pulled back into a tight top knot. His brown eyes are stark and almost without life. There are countless rumors about whether or not he even still posses a soul, after his last journey into the Shadowlands, which lead to him losing his entire platoon of over forty Crabs. His hair began to gray at that point and he lost the light in his eyes. It is said that only Yakamo knows what happened on this day.

Iekiyo hate etiquette with almost every fiber of his being, preferring to call anyone younger than him (and most people older than him) as a kid, instead of worrying about appropriate honorifics. He enjoys being comfortable, but constantly has to readjust, even while standing in order to get any relief from the multiple wounds that he still carries as a living monument of all the people he has lost over the years.

Iekiyo has several permanent injuries all over his body and is in constant pain, he is constantly moving and adjusting his body in an attempt to get some relief.


All that is known publicly about Hiruma Iekiyo’s past other than that everyone he has ever been close to has died. His mother died during childbirth before he even exited her womb. His father, a Hiruma scout, died when he was three years old, leaving him to be passed from family member to family member until he started school at the age of eight.

In school, he blossomed into a boisterous and well liked young man. He thrived and was able to do his gempukku when he was only thirteen years old. When he was fifteen, Iekiyo married a classmate, who he had at the time referred to as the love of his life. The two had eight children together rather quickly, even by Crab standards. Iekiyo was proud when he was gifted his own small village within a half day’s journey from the wall in Hiruma lands by his family daimyo.

Despite loosing multiple people in the Shadowlands, Iekiyo was generally happy until he was twenty-four years old. He came home from a normal patrol to find his village in flames after a raid from some shadowland creatures, he ran straight to his own house only to find in almost destroyed. It took him several days to find the bodies of each of his family members.

From that point on he spent almost all of his time going back and forth farther and farther into the Shadowlands. When he was thirty-two, he went on an expedition after some oni, who had raided Hiruma lands. They followed them out almost three weeks out, only Yakamo has the details of what happened next, but Iekiyo, although badly injured, was the only person who made it back into Crab lands. He has been a shadow of his former self since.

Hiruma Iekiyo

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