Kuni Shinji

Kuni Hotaru's abrasive stepfather.


Age: 36
Name Means: true second (son)
School: Hida Bushi/Hida Berserker

Shinji is a towering man, standing just over 6". Only kept in a top knot when around his wife, Shinji’s charcoal black hair is left long and unkempt when he is on rotation. His hazel eyes seem to dance between the golds and browns, reflecting an intense well of emotion he can tap into.

Shinji always stands at his full height when talking, making sure he has the size advantage even when it’s less than appropriate. This behavior changes, however when he enters his berserker’s rage, where he crouches and coils into himself before he strikes. Many of his comrades make sure to watch their tongue when they speak to him, especially about his wife, as he is known for his short temper.

He has a very strit code on what duties belong to whom. A man is meant to be a bushi, risk his life and protect what is his. A woman’s is to be pretty, make the home inviting for her husband, and to produce children. These roles should never be changed.



Wife: Kuni (Yasuki) Sumiye *bright mind (Age: 31)

Son: Kuni Ichiro (Age: 4)

Daughter: Kuni Suzue *branch of little bells (Age: 1)

Kuni Kenta *large, strong, healthy (Age: 23, Hida Bushi)
Kuni Hiroyuki *great journey (Age: 10, starting Hiruma Scout this year)
Kuni Arata *new, fresh (Age: 7)

Stepdaughter: Kuni Hotaru *fireflies (Age: 19)

Nozuki (Ronin – Age: 25)

Kuni Shinji

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