Kuni Sumiye

Kuni Hotaru's courtier step-mother.


Age: 31
Name Means: bright mind
School: Yasuki Courtier

Standing 5’4" tall, Sumiye dresses the part of a proper courtier. Her dark, raven hair is always kept up in a showy and slightly elaborate style. Her deep brown eyes steadily read a room anytime there is company. Her make-up is applied lightly, except at the edges of her eyes, where she has stark, small points painted on, giving her a fierce look. Her kimonos are all made of a fine quality.

Sumiye is a complicated samurai. When she is navigating political games, she is a fierce courtier. Once she collects someone into her fold, she becomes an intense guardian over them. Betray her though, and she won’t think twice about exacting revenge in unimaginable ways, using the same skills she uses to defend her friends to destroy. She does not shy away from a conflict, and enjoys a challenge. She plans for the long term, and has been known to end something so she may pick it up at a more advantageous time.

She is a connoisseur of fine arts and goes to great lengths to build trust and loyalty with up-and-coming artists and crafters. Once she has built up their skill and confidence, she works on their reputation and finds them the best (and most influential) patron to allow them to flourish, making sure their talents bring in more trade and reputation to the Crab. She is passionate about showcasing the hidden gems within the Crab Clan and making sure the other Clans know it.

When at home she is a strict, but loving mother to her children, having happily accepted her late husband’s children as her own. She is protective of them and goes to great lengths to keep them out of her political conflicts. She enjoys telling stories of true love or a new artist she found.

When her husband is home, however, she is quiet and almost docile. The fire that burns brightly in everything she does, seems to disappear when Shinji is home. Though this is rarely seen, she becomes a very submissive individual, almost passive in her own actions when he returns.



Kuni Shinobu *endurance (deceased; age 43)
Kuni (Hida) Shinji *true second (son) (Age: 36)

Kuni Arata *new, fresh (Age: 7)
Kuni Ichiro (Age: 4)

Daughter: Kuni Suzue *branch of little bells (Age: 1)

Kuni Kenta *large, strong, healthy (Age: 23, Hida Bushi)
Kuni Hiroyuki *great journey (Age: 10, starting Hiruma Scout this year)

Stepdaughter: Kuni Hotaru *fireflies (Age: 19)

Nozuki (Ronin – Age: 25)

Kuni Sumiye

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