Kuni Sumiye

Kuni Hotaru's courtier step-mother.


Age: 31
Name Means: bright mind
School: Yasuki Courtier

Standing 5’4" tall, Sumiye dresses the part of a proper courtier. Her dark, raven hair is always kept up in a showy and slightly elaborate style. Her deep brown eyes steadily read a room anytime there is company. Her make-up is applied lightly, except at the edges of her eyes, where she has stark, small points painted on, giving her a fierce look. Her kimonos are all made of a fine quality.



Kuni Shinobu *endurance (deceased; age 43)
Kuni (Hida) Shinji *true second (son) (Age: 36)

Kuni Arata *new, fresh (Age: 7)
Kuni Ichiro (Age: 4)

Daughter: Kuni Suzue *branch of little bells (Age: 1)

Kuni Kenta *large, strong, healthy (Age: 23, Hida Bushi)
Kuni Hiroyuki *great journey (Age: 10, starting Hiruma Scout this year)

Stepdaughter: Kuni Hotaru *fireflies (Age: 19)

Kuni Sumiye

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