Yasuki Suda

Yasuki born Hiruma Scout


Age: 21

School: Hiruma Scout -3
Yasuki Courtier -1

Suda’s lean frame stands at just over six feet two inches tall. Suda’s natural grace and bright blue eyes betray his Crane heritage, although he would never admit if that was a recent ancestor, or from his family itself. His jet black hair is cut short, allowing his clear tanned skin to show. He prefers to dress in brick red kimonos, which are always in almost immaculate condition and tied with a dark blue sash.


Yasuki Suda is the oldest son of Yasuki (Bayushi) Koremoto and his late wife Yasuki Masa. He had a pretty uneventful childhood, as he tried his hardest to make sure that he was always the ideal child for his parents. He has always been told since childhood how handsome and smart he was, with many believing he was destined to be an amazing courtier. As a young Yasuki being raised in the Shadow of Kyuden Hida, however, the young man had other plans.

When he was only eight years old, Suda wrote a letter to his clan champion begging him to send him to be anything other than a courtier; promising his unquestioned loyalty before all else, including the Emperor himself, if he would help him. The winter before his tenth year, he received his answer when he received orders to attend the Hiruma Scout School. His parents were confused and appalled, but sent their favorite son to the school without questioning it openly.

Suda excelled in school, leaving many friends and a few broken hearts behind when he had his gempukku over the wall. Two weeks after his gempukku, he married a young Doji courtier named Toma. The two have one child together.

Not much is known about his experiences over the wall, but he does the normal six month rotations each year, spending the rest of the year as the personal messenger for Hida Yakamo.

Rumor has it that his wife is currently carrying their second child.


Father- Yasuki (Bayushi) Koremoto, age 48, retired Bayushi Courtier
Mother- Yasuki Masa, deceased at age 39

Wife- Yasuki (Kakita) Toma, age 24
Son- Yasuki Ichiro, age 5

Brother- Yasuki Michiari, age 19
Sister- Yasuki Yuri, age 13

Yasuki Suda

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