Character Creation

Character Creation


((As a note, I totally stole this page from Mandy's campaign.))

As people are already working on building their characters, let me cover some of the requirements and expectations so you don't have to go back and make changes.

1) Artists, bushi, courtier, and shugenja are approved "classes".  Ninjas and monks are not available. Neither are eta, heimen, or peasants (just to be thorough).

2) Everyone is Rank 1, with the standard 40 points to customize your character, beyond the Family & School trait boost and school skills.

3) 20 pts is the maximum for advantages and 15 pts is the maximum you can benefit from disadvantages. See #5 for more details on disads.

4) When we are in person I will give everyone a chance to roll on the heritage table. If you don't like the result, you can spend 1 pt to reroll OR to "buy off" the bad roll. If you choose to reroll, you cannot then choose to take the first one; you keep what you roll.

5) "To error is human." Your character is not perfect, so please make sure to give them a weakness or fault, something they must overcome. And if you have the disadvantage, I would like to see it come up w/o needing me to poke and prod. If I have to, it will explode, you've been warned.

6) Curse of… or Touched by.. disadvantages are not available. 

7) You are playing individuals who just graduated, and yet you've received a very rare and prestigious position. Everyone should have a REASON why they would be considered. Skills like battle, Lore: spirits, maho, taint, investigation, theology, etc are good (simple) ways to do this. Admittedly, being a shugenja with jade strike and some skill is all they would need as reason, but no harm in more reasons. This could also include having a very influential Ally OR a strong obligation. 

Whatever the angle, please make sure it is included in your history as to why you have the lore, skill, Ally or IOU.

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Character Creation

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