House Rules

* The "Different Schools" advantage will not be counted against your advantage points, but will be free if you are able to justify it in your history. However, you may still take the disadvantage points for hostage. Just remember that if you are a hostage who attended a school in your clan's lands, you will have to switch schools, under the conditions of being a hostage (i.e. you cannot step foot back on you clan's soil)

h6. Spending XP

Please include your experience expenditures in your downtimes. Also include how your character is gaining the new rank in the skill. Some skills do require an instructor, although others may be self taught with practice, but take longer to do so.

h6. Skills

Instruction: With instruction you can now use it on any skill that you have 3+ ranks in. Emphasises purchased will with the same as they do in other skills. School Ranks can only be taught by sensei or samurai with the school 2 ranks higher than the desired rank.

h6. Advantages/Disadvantages

Advantages/Disadvantages from previous additions may be purchased, with GM approval, if they do not have an equivalent in the current addition, as long as it is justifiable by the character concept.

Servants: Servants/personal attendants will be the same price after character creation, instead of doubling like other advantages. They can be improved for free by role play and downtime. We are sticking with the servant price from 3rd Edition.

Allies: Allies can be earned within game by role play, but cannot be purchased after character creation.

Nemesis/Sworn Enemy: New nemesis and sworn enemies can also be earned in game.

Wealthy: The price reduction for this advantage cannot lower the advantage to less than 1 point.

h6. Equipment

Quality: We are keeping the quality rules from 3rd edition

h6. School Ranks

Cadence, Doji Courtier Rank 2: It can only be used by Doji Courtier, not Crane with 5 ranks or above in Courtier.

House Rules

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